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Sandras Fantasy Professor Ramos Blog

Sandras Fantasy Numerous specialists utilize their own lives and encounters they face so as to draw motivation just as make workmanship that can just originate from inside. In the story Never wed a mexican it follows the character Clemencia a youthful understudy who goes gaga for her instructor who is hitched at this point it prompts a darker turn. At the point when she begins to feel the force she has from inside herself to control various perspectives throughout his life and before long begins to fixate on this freshly discovered vitality. Anyway to the individuals who have dissected this character all appear to have a similar answer regarding why it might be that Clemencia is how she is. However it is never raised how the creator herself can have an immediate connection with the character advancement setting a portion of her own background that are swelled into a dim inventive workmanship piece. In this we clarify how Sandra Cisneros innovative capacity to build up this character by including her our life as well as in helping us comprehend the master plan of genuine issues that are introduced in a lovely bit of workmanship. So as to really comprehend why Clemencia is how she is we need to take a gander at the creator herself to get a full comprehension of why she made this character the manner in which she is. Other than only a creator Cisneros fiddles with a wide range of types of work from verse, activism, and painting. These have a significant impact as specific parts of her life spill into her accounts and Clemencia herself. One case of this is from an area of the book where the writer says â€Å"I concede, some time ago all I needed was to have a place with a man. To wear that gold band on my left hand and be worn on his arm like a costly gem splendid in the light of day.† (Cisneros51). This assumes an exceptionally critical job because of the reality the, in actuality, Sandra isn't hitched nor does she have any sentimental connections and shows up she would prefer to be distant from everyone else. All things considered Sandra may not need a relationship, all things considered, similarly as the character doesn't too in the story however she transforms it into an all the more intriguing read by making it so that Clemica is an over misrepresented form of herself. This initial scene is only one of the numerous that Cisneros keeps on indicating this dream rendition of herself. Presently in the story the creator could have picked any occupation for the youthful Clemencia to be nevertheless she plays out the character to be a substitute instructor who has a solid enthusiasm for craftsmanship. In one scene she discusses how she wants to paint day and night just as believes the occupations to be contrasted with prositutuion. She additionally makes reference to in that feeling that rich individuals love her innovativeness and purchase their work of art at her shows. It even states in a single article that â€Å"Now, the transitioning novel †a significant commitment to Chicana women's activist writing †has additionally enlivened a workmanship show at the National Hispanic Cultural Center in Albuquerque†.(Gonzalez, Carolina Dalia, . To additionally assist you with understanding this its nearly as Sandra is giving us the more relatable things about herself before crashing into the more darker and anecdotal side of her. Moreover Clemen cia proceeds to discuss purchasing a condo with her sister just as it states in the book that â€Å"Im an individual who doesnt have a place with any class†.(cisneros55) . As I said earlier the creator is very notable creator and is additionally perceived for her crafts. This demonstrates an immediate likeness to the character clemencia shes not rich nor poor which in my interpetions implies that both the creator and the character both offer characteristics of being a craftsman just as living exceptionally basic payoff ways of life . To additionally back up this case it likewise great to take note of that Cisneros has the assets to have the option to carry on with an exceptionally extravagant way of life however simply like the book she chooses not to and would prefer to invest her energy in her home in mexico.(â€Å"Sandra Cisneros.† Sandra Cisneros, With her inclusion in exercises sandra is likewise known to be a femminist which implies she has faith in equivalent rights for ladies so people are on a similar level. Thought the tales in her book they all appear to begin with a little youngster being exploited or rewarded terribly by the men in their lives. Presently relating back to the story Clemencia seems to have control over Drew and her capacity to cause him to do whatever she feels free as well. This could have a major association with Cisneros individual live in which in her genuine she feels ladies are as yet ruled in a keeps an eye on world and the story is her own specific manner of communicating that outrage. So as to drive the nail in the casket there is a measurement of womens work power in 2024 for hispanc ladies and it expresses that in 2024 there might be 8.4 percent of hispacinc ladies in the work force.(U.S Department of With stunning insights like that we could perceive any reason why she would util ize her accounts as an approach to vent and get the difficult disappointment of the issues ladies face consistently. Through Clemica she can fantasize parts of the ladies overwhelming the keeps an eye on life and even in the process crushing different womens lives. They state workmanship is a replication of life wherein we like to utilize our own lives and encounters to make craftsmanship that is not quite the same as another. That is the thing that makes workmanship so wonderful everybody has an alternate understanding on it and unites individuals to additionally talk about it. Presently most of individuals will say that its only an anecdotal story and its simply the creators method of engaging the individuals while coming clean. While yes I do accept somewhat it has some diversion perspective yet more so of the creator disclosing to us her experience through methods for inventive narrating and inevitably going to an actual existence exercise. In any case specialists have motivatio n and to me there is in every case a trace of validity in all fiction. Works refered to â€Å"U.S. Branch OF LABOR.† Women of Working Age, Data and Stats, Womens Bureau, U.S. Branch of Labor, recent/demographics.htm#EduLF. Gonzalez, Carolina Dalia. â€Å"Sandra Cisneros Classic Chicana Novel The House on Mango Street Inspired This Art Exhibit.† Remezcla, show/. Lady Hollering Creek and Other Stories. Paw Prints, 2008. â€Å"Sandra Cisneros.† Sandra Cisneros,

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Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essays (2149 words)

Master Of The Flies By William Golding In his first novel, William Golding utilized a gathering of young men abandoned on a tropical island to represent the pernicious idea of humanity. Ruler of the Flies managed with changes that the young men experienced as they bit by bit adjusted to the detached opportunity from society. Three fundamental characters delineated various impacts on certain people under those conditions. Jack Merridew started as the presumptuous and bombastic pioneer of an ensemble. The opportunity of the island permitted him to additionally build up the darker side of his character as the Chief of a savage clan. Ralph began as a confident kid whose trust in himself originated from the acknowledgment of his companions. He had a reasonable nature as he was willing to tune in to Piggy. He turned out to be progressively subject to Piggy's intelligence and became lost in the disarray around him. Towards the finish of the story his dismissal from their general public of savage young men constrained him to battle for himself. Piggy was an instructed kid who had grown up as a pariah. Because of his scholastic adolescence, he was more adult than the others and held his cultivated conduct. Be that as it may, his encounters on the island gave him a progressively sensible comprehension of the savagery controlled by certain individuals. The experiences of the three young men on the island made them progressively mindful of the wickedness inside themselves and now and again, made the bogus consideration that had dressed them disperse. In any case, the progressions experienced by one kid varied from those suffered by another. This is inferable from the physical and mental dissimilarities between them. Jack was first portrayed with a revolting feeling of mercilessness that made him normally unlikeable. As pioneer of the ensemble and probably the tallest young men on the island, Jack's physical stature and authority coordinated his haughty character. His craving to be Chief was unmistakably clear in his first appearance. At the point when having a Chief was referenced Jack stood up right away. I should be boss, said Jack with basic pomposity, since I'm part chorister and head kid. He drove his ensemble by regulating a lot of order bringing about constrained dutifulness from the shrouded young men. His evil nature was very much communicated through his lack of consideration of saying, Shut up, Fatty. at Piggy. (p. 23) However, in spite of his unsavory character, his absence of mental fortitude and his still, small voice forestalled him from slaughtering the primary pig they experienced. They knew very well why he hadn't: in light of the tremendousness of the blade plummeting and cutting into living tissue; due to the agonizing blood. (p. 34) Even at the gatherings, Jack had the option to contain himself under the initiative of Ralph. He had even proposed the execution of rules to direct themselves. This was a Jack who was glad to be British, and who was formed and still limited by the laws of a cultivated society. The opportunity offered to him by the island permitted Jack to express the darker sides of his character that he avoided the goals of his past condition. Without grown-ups as a predominant and mindful power, he started to lose his dread of being rebuffed for inappropriate activities and practices. This opportunity combined with his noxious and pompous character made it workable for him to rapidly decline into a savage. He put on paint, first to cover himself from the pigs. However, he found that the paint permitted him to conceal the prohibited considerations in his brain that his outward appearances would in any case deceive. The cover was a thing all alone behind which Jack stowed away, freed from disgrace and hesitance. (p. 69) Through chasing, Jack lost his dread of blood and of slaughtering living creatures. He arrived at a point where he really delighted in the impression of chasing a prey scared of his lance and blade. His normal want for blood and savagery was brought out by his chasing of pigs. As Ralph got lost in his own disarray, Jack started to advocate for himself as boss. The young men understanding that Jack was a more grounded and increasingly confident pioneer gave in effectively to the opportunity of Jack's brutality. Set in a place of power and with his adherents sharing his crazed long for viciousness, Jack picked up support to submit the awful demonstrations of robbery and murder. Liberated from the states of a managed society, Jack slowly turned out to be increasingly rough and the rules and appropriate conduct by which he was raised were overlooked. The opportunity given to him uncovered his actual self under the attire worn by enlightened individuals to shroud his darker

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NCLB Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

NCLB - Coursework Example Anyway not all the lodging have been by states as positive and legitimate? The inquiry hence is whether the government ought to be associated with coordinating state instruction arrangement. The nature of tutoring is vital to any country. Financial execution is an immediate result of information. Salary levels just as GDP legitimately rely upon information, aptitudes and preparing levels. Scholarly abilities along these lines are significant in the commercial center and this structures the reason for responsibility in school execution. It will be note additionally that it is an undeniable obligation of the government to advance financial development. States don't represent populace portability and consequently numerous not settle on choices that advantage the whole country. They additionally may not appropriately think about the impacts of an ineffectively instructed populace and workforce. Numerous understudies additionally more on finishing instruction and in this way states don't profit by the interest in training straightforwardly (Nathan, 2005). Neighborhood governmental issues of personal circumstance and voter lack of concern showing in school races and nearby educators associations destruct school strategies from concentrating on quantifiable results. Such powers must be checked by a nonpartisan national arrangement set by the central government. The national government has likewise been verifiably intrigued with impartial dissemination of pay and shielding kids from underestimated populaces whose instructive achievement is altogether harmed by weaknesses in the educational system. National government should hence set gauges of accomplishment while states and school locale settle on the most ideal methods of accomplishing improved wages according to the norms set. 1. Richard P. Nathan. (2005). Should the Federal Government be Involved in School Accountability? Diary of Policy Analysis and Management, Vol. 24, No. 1, 167â€178. Accessible at:

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Explanatory Speech Cyber Crime - Free Essay Example

Introduction (Approximately 1min.) Attention Getter: Have you or someone you know gotten a call from IRS asking for money? They may start to threaten you that you will go to jail. If so, it is very likely that it is scammer. Background and Audience Relevance: According to The Treasury Inspector General for Tax Administration (TIGTA) report in March 6, 2018, there have been over 12,716 victims that fell for IRS phone scams and paid more than $63 million since October 2013. These people are unaware that IRS officials do not call their client for confidential information through a phone call. They will always mail to taxpayer and they will never threaten to arrest the taxpayer for not paying taxes. This is just one example of cybercrime. With more advanced technology, this will result the online community to be more dangerous. Since technology is becoming an important part of us, it is crucial that we know how to protect ourselves from cybercrime. Speaker Credibility: As a Cyber Security Engineering major, I am here to inform you about the most common cyber-crimes that is happening around us and how common it is to be the victim of cyber-attacks. Thesis: In this speech, you will learn about three common types of cybercrimes, which are phishing, hacking and identity theft. Preview of Main Points: First, I will talk about phishing and different types of phishing attacks. Second, I will discuss about hacking and how someone can become a victim. Finally, I will talk about identity theft and how it impacts an individual and other online company. Transition to first main point: To get started, I am going to talk about what phishing is and different types of phishing attacks. Body (Approximately 3 ?-5 ? mins.) A. Main Point 1: Phishing is a fraudulent way of getting confidential information from the user through email. These emails are written so eloquently that it can trick anyone if you dont look carefully. 1. Sub point 1: There are multiple kinds of attacks caused by phishing. Some includes Deceptive attacks, Malware attacks and DNS-based attacks. Deceptive attacks are when the users are asked to give out their personal information in the scam messages. Malware attacks is when malware is downloaded after opening the email. DNS-based attack is when users look up websites, but it will redirect to an unsafe website. Based on the book, Phishing and Counter-Measures, published in 2006 by Markus Jakobsson and Seven Myers, the author stated that most scammers send the call to action email and tell the user that there is something wrong with their information and ask them to click on the fraudulent website to correct their information. 2. Sub point 2: In December 2015, the Intel created a quiz to see if the users can distinguish the phishing emails with safe emails. Out of 19,458, majority of them of choose at one of the phishing emails and only 3% of them got all correct. This suggest that it is very difficult to find the difference between spam email and original company email. scammers will use phishing emails to have user click on it to get to access to the computer. 3. Sub point 2: Transition (summary, signpost, preview): Now that you learned about the different types of phishing. I will now move onto my next points, which will cover different types of cybercrime which is hacking. Main Point 2: Hacking is when someone goes into another persons computer without the permission of the owner and get in the server by damaging the weakest point of the operating system. This can result the leak of confidential information. 1. Sub point 1: The three types of hackers are white hat hacker, grey hat hacker and black hat hacker. White hat hackers are cyber security specialists, who work on advancing their security system to make cyberspace a safe place for users. Grey hats hackers are also cyber security experts, but they may sometimes, go against the laws or try unethical approach to improve the protection of user. Black hats are hackers who practice unethical way to get into server by attacking and damaging the server for their personal gain. 2. Sub point 2 According to Professor Fonash, a Cyber Security Professor in George Mason University and worked with National Security Association stated in September 21, 2018 that one of the big issues with regulation with hacking is that each country has their own laws and regulations for cybercrime. In some cases, nations like third world countries do not have any strict laws. So, one way to deal with cybercrime is by having consistent laws internationally. He also suggested that to be in safe in internet, one should be careful and not provide lots information about their personal life in social media. Another best way to secure yourself in internet is by having unique password of your confidential information. It should be long with special characters but must be personal to you. Due to the increasing population of users, the cyberspace more dangerous place so, having unique password is important. Transition (summary, signpost, preview): Now that we talked about hacking and ways to deal with it, let move on to our final points, which is about identity theft and how it impacts the victim and the third party. B. Main Point 3: Identity theft is when someone steal your personal information to have financial gain or something that will profit them. 1. Sub point 1: Most common information that identity theft steal, bank information, your social security number or simple thing as your email. Then, they make an account or service such as telephone service or bank account under the victims name. The worst part of this is sometimes, the victim does not even realize that they are victim of identity theft until they apply for loan or paying new house. 2. Sub point 2: Not only does it affect the consumer, but it also has impact on the online company because consumers are less likely to trust them and make them avoid making any transaction online. In long run, people are going to stop making any purchase due to suspicion. 3. Transition and signal closing: Now that I have covered all my main points, let wrap thing up Conclusion (Approximately 30 seconds-1 minute) Restate Thesis: By listening to this speech, hopefully everyone here will now have a deeper understanding of the cybercrime and how it does not only affect famous people, but it affects ordinary people like us. Review Main Points: In this speech, we learned about cybercrime and three common cybercrimes, which are phishing, hacking and identity theft. We also learned about the ways we can protect ourselves in virtual world. Memorable Closer: So next time, when you get a call from IRS or any government officials that ask for personal information or money, you can simply hang up the phone. References Global Issues in Context. (2018). Hacking. Retrieved from|CP3208520475it=r IR-2018-40. (2018, March). Phone scams pose serious threat; Remain on IRS Dirty dozen list of tax scams. Retrieved from Jakobsson, M., Myers, S. (2007). Phishing and countermeasures: understanding the increasing problem of electronic identity theft. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley-Interscience. Morgan, S. (2017). Cyber crime damages $6 trillion by 2021. Cybersecurity Ventures. Schupak, A. (2015, May 12). Majority of americans fall for email phishing scams. CBS News.

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Women and Their Downfall Feminism in Midaq Alley - Literature Essay Samples

Naguib Mahfouz’s novel, Midaq Alley, is a story about a group of people living in an alley in Egypt in the 1940’s. Already, from that description, the reader can see that the women of this tale have a significant disadvantage in equality. Surprisingly enough, the women prove to be very strong, independent, and powerful, despite the novel’s setting and time. But, is that altogether true? There are many instances where the women rise above and take things for themselves when they want it. They beat their husbands, call the men out on their sins, swindle their way toward a higher rank, and try to escape the reality of their alley life, yet, no matter their dominance, they are always defeated or put back in their place by the male characters of the book. Midaq Alley is a representation of feminism in the 1940’s, signifying that even in a male-led society in Africa, women can and will do what it takes to be equal, or, in a sense, be the dominant sex. Women have powerful attributes that allow them to do this, but, in the end, their powers turn out to be their own downfall, because it is still a male-led society. Midaq Alley entails the stories of many people living in the alley, but, arguably, the main focus is on the character of Hamida, an independent and ambitious young woman living with her foster mother. She is described as a very pretty girl with â€Å"black, beautiful eyes, the pupils and whites of which contrasted in a most striking and attractive way.† (Mahfouz 14). Yet, â€Å"†¦she could take on an appearance of strength and determination which was most unfeminine.† (Mafouz 14). It is very evident that the narration of Hamida’s beauty is written from a male perspective, drawing out the way Hamida uses or, perhaps to state it more clearly, does not use her femininity to prove her feminist way. In his article, â€Å"Narrating the marginalized Oriental female: silencing the colonized Subaltern,† Saddik Gohar states that â€Å"Even in episodes in which [Hamida] was given focus, the readers see her through the spectacles of the male imperial narrator em bodying the voice of the author or via the eyes of the male characters in the novel† (Gohar 52). Already we can see how Hamida’s sexually pleasing attributes sway the narrator and the male character’s even before she begins her journey or proves the descriptions we see of her. As an established beautiful and strong woman in this alley, Hamida’s story is revealed. She has a difficult time finding a husband that suits her independent ways and desire for wealth above love and affection. She longs to marry for riches, and she hates the idea of the domestic life of raising children. â€Å"†¦the most commonly said thing about her was that she hated children and that this unnatural trait made her wild and totally lacking in the virtues of femininity† (Mahfouz 22). She wants to see the world, but the only way she can think of following her dreams is to marry a rich man. In this era and location, that truly is her only escape. She wishes she had been ed ucated as a young child like the Jewish women in her town, but, â€Å"her age and ignorance had deprived her of their opportunities† (Mahfouz 22). According to Sheridene Barbara Oersen, in her thesis essay from the University of the Western Cape, the feminist movement of western culture was just spreading its wings toward the East, announcing that women are capable of receiving a proper education. It soon became policy, but in Oersen’s words, â€Å"government policy and societal beliefs are seldom harmonious and most families did not see the necessity of having their daughters educated. The crucial aspect of raising a girl was to ensure that she would make a good wife, and because Hamida is from the poorest class of society, she has not been afforded the opportunity of a basic education† (Oersen 62). Because of Hamida’s independence and unfeminine-like attitude, she soon realizes that she can take her life into her own hands. When she is discussing marriage with her mother, she says, I am not the one who is chasing marriage, but marriage is chasing me. I will give it a good run, too!† (Mahfouz 15). This indicates that she feels trapped in a situation that she wants to get out of. She feels as if she is above the alley and the people that live there. She first reluctantly accepts a proposal from Abbas, the barber, after he promises to get a job outside the alley, but later in the book, she finds other means of escaping her alley prison. She, and other women in the book, escape their plights by using their cunning deception and sexual charm. Hamida, when starting her love affair with Abbas, finds ways to manipulate the man so she can get what she desires. She deceives the one that actually loves her, because she knows he won’t give her the wealth and adventure she longs for. She forces him into leaving the place he enjoys living in and to becoming a man he wasn’t meant to be. Stephanie Hasenfus puts it quite simply in her article, â€Å"Destroy or Be Destroyed: Contending with Toxic Social Structures in Naguib Mahfouz’s Midaq Alley.† She states, â€Å"[Hamida] transforms marriage into a tactical endeavor from which she hopes to maximize potential luxury in her life† (Hasenfus 99). Hamida does this by purposefully displaying her beauty and comparing herself to other women. According to the text: â€Å"She was well aware of her attire; a faded cotton dress, an old cloak and shoes with timeworn soles. Nevertheless, she draped her cloak in such a way that it emphasized her ample hips and her ful l and rounded breasts. The cloak revealed her trim ankles, on which she wore a bangle; it also exposed her black hair and attractive bronze face† (Mahfouz 21-22). And, â€Å"She walked along with her companions, proud in the knowledge of her beauty, impregnable in the armor of her sharp tongue, and pleased that the eyes of passersby settled on her more than on the others† (Mahfouz 23). Hamida is not only a beautiful girl with an unfeminine attitude, but she also knows how to attract men with these attributes. Hasenfus powerfully acknowledges this by saying, â€Å"For Hamida, remaining single inevitably means letting old age steal her beauty while she remains stranded in the alley. She recognizes that her beauty is her only advantage, her only source of power. Her beauty allows her to seduce men, and thereby, to control them† (Hasenfus 99). Along with sexual charm, women have other ways of proving themselves superior to men in the novel. Beauty is a strong asset used to dominate, but being able to tactfully use it as a ruse for the ultimate goal requires cunning and deceptive strength. In Hamida’s story, we already know that she is independent, strong, and deceptive with one goal in mind: to marry a man outside of the alley that has riches beyond compare. Hasenfus explains while describing Hamida’s goals and modernity of her ways that â€Å"in this forward-thinking fashion, she transforms marriage into a tactical endeavor from which she hopes to maximize potential luxury in her life† (Hasenfus 99). It is no mystery how Hamida cunningly deceives the men around her. Her beauty is used in a clever display of her dominance. Abbas is determined to marry her, and, because of her desire for riches, he feels obligated to leave the alley to work for the British Army though he is quite content with how things are. In the novel, Hamida is only interested in his proposed idea of working in the war to gain mo re money, and â€Å"if he were successful he could certainly provide some of the things she craved. A disposition like hers, no matter how rebellious and unmanageable, could be pacified and tamed with money† (Mahfouz 46). Hamida is a prime example of a woman using deception to get what she wants, but she is not the only woman in the alley. Yet another woman uses tact to reach her goal, despite her increasing age. Miss Afify and Umm Hamida trick a younger man into marrying Miss Afify by buying her gold teeth and giving the man a younger picture of herself. Miss Afify is an aging widow that recently decided to marry once again. The text does not specify exactly why she has decided this, but Oersen, has an astounding way of looking at it. She says, â€Å"It appears that over the years, Mrs Saniyya Afify has found herself increasingly isolated from society. Despite her wealth, she has no social status because she is an unmarried woman.† (Oersen 57). This makes a lot of sense when looking at women at the time. Women in that time and place could be very rich and prosperous, but without being married, they lack the title of a prosperous individual. A title comes with a man, so, to have a high place in society, a woman must be married. Sadly, Oersen relays that, â€Å"Through the character of Mrs Afify, it can be assumed that even wealth and the many political changes in favour of women are not enough to crush traditional societal mores† (Oersen 58). Saniyya Afify achieves this marriage a comical and unconventional way, however. Because she lacks her youthful beauty, she and Umm Hamida come up with a plan to deceive the match Umm Hamida found for her. The two begin by discussing the man and his job and wealth. Then Umm Hamida says that he wanted a picture of Miss Afify, to which this dialogue takes place: The widow fidgeted and her face blushed as she said, Why, I havent had my picture taken in a long time. Dont you have an old photo? She nodded toward a picture on the bookcase in the middle of the room. Umm Hamida leaned over and examined it carefully. The photo must have been more than six years old, taken at a time when Mrs. Afify still had some fullness and life in her. She looked at the picture then back at its subject. A very good likeness. Why, it might have been taken only yesterday. May God reward you generously, sighed Mrs. Afify. Umm Hamida put the photograph, with its frame, into her pocket and lit the cigarette offered her (Mahfouz 64). Not only are they giving the man an old photo of Miss Afi fy, but Umm Hamida also tells him that she is in her 40’s and not the late 50’s age she is. Along with this deception, Mrs. Afify buys a set of golden teeth to cover the fact that her teeth have been rotting and falling out with her age. For her part, Hamida not only deceives Abbas in the beginning, cunningly sending him off to make riches for herself, but also deceives him later after she becomes a prostitute. Gohar says that â€Å"when she encountered Abbas in part thirty-two, she cunningly moved him against Farag in order to get rid of both males according to critical allegations† (Gohar 56). Hamida wishes to get out of her situation, yet, she is disgusted by the thought of going back to the alley and living with Abbas for the rest of her life. Her deceptive strength takes a hold of her, and she, once again, brings Abbas to doing something he would never do. Hussain tries to warn Abbas, and being like a brother to Hamida, he can see through her beauty and deception. Oersen says, Hussain’s reaction is harsh but completely in line with traditional social values†¦. Abbas feels that the man should be punished and although Hussain agrees, his absolute disgust with Hamida is expressed as follows: â₠¬ËœWhy didn’t you murder her? If I were in your position, I wouldn’t have hesitated a minute. I’d have throttled her on the spot and then butchered her lover and disappeared†¦That’s what you should have done, you fool! [Mahfouz,1992: 279]’† (Oersen 59). Hamida’s deception can only go so far, and, though it works on Abbas, Hussain is immune to it. There is another man that is immune to Hamida’s deceptive ways, and he leads us into the last section, revealing how although women in the novel try to be the dominant sex, they ultimately fail due to societal customs and beliefs. This man is Ibraham Farah. Hamida is the most prominent key to seeing the strength the women of this culture possess. She represents Egypt as a whole, and allows Farah to take advantage of her just to prove how strong she is. In allowing the man to dominate her every moment, she feels she is getting the upper hand and being the dominant one in the relatio nship. She, like many women, uses her body and sexual charm to lord over men, and, in return, she soon realizes her mistake. To get on top in the society that the novel depicts, women must sacrifice something. This could include freedom, virginity, innocence, happiness, morality, or dignity. Hamida loses her virginity, morality, and innocence when she runs off with Ibraham, though she feels she is dominant in the situation. She wants love from him, but all she gets is his love for the money she is making him. She tries to tie him down, but he won’t have it, and, in return, she falls into his trap. Gohar states that Hamida believed [Farah] fell in love with her like others and was intoxicated by his warm words: ‘This is not your quarter, nor are these people relatives of yours. You are completely different. You do not belong here at all. How can you live among these people? Who are they compared to you? You are a princess in a shabby cloak’ (143) (Gohar 55). Sadly, Hamida is simply receiving what she dished out to Abbas. Farah woos her with his kind words, promises, and wealth, bringing her to her ultimate downfall. No matter what the women of the novel do, however, the social order of the time and place simply can not allow a woman to dominate. It was clear from the beginning that Hamida would not get her way, and if she did, she would lose part of herself, but why was this so evident? Bede Scott, in his article, â€Å"’A Raging Sirocco’: Structures of Dysphoric Feeling in Midaq Alley,† sheds some light on the problem. He says: â€Å"The intervention of colonial modernity in the novel radically destabilizes the old social order, yet without implementing a new order that can be easily comprehended by the characters or assimilated into their lives. And because they are unable to understand fully the processes of transformation they are undergoing, because these processes are not entirely visible to their consciousness, many of the characters internalize a vague sense of social crisis which eventually resurfaces in the form of displaced angerâ⠂¬  (Scott 33). Because this time in Egypt is a huge moment in the transition between the old ways and the new ways, the people of Midaq Alley are agitated. They long for the new, but cannot let go of the old. The women face this in a way the men do not realize. They see progress and realize that this is their time to show their true colors, yet, because the men are still tied to old cultural traditions, the women get no further in their pursuit of equality. Women, specifically Hamida, in the novel Midaq Alley, are faced with a growing sense of the outside world, and a newfound means to reach their goals and find dominance in a relationship with a man. No matter the way they try, however, society can not allow them to reach these heights, and places them back down in a domestic situation, cooking and cleaning and raising children just as they have always done. Women have strong attributes that allows them to find ways around these societal norms, but, in the end, a valuable part of a woman can be lost when they try such feats. Works Cited Gohar, Saddik. â€Å"Narrating the marginalized Oriental female: silencing the colonized subaltern.† Acta Neophilologica, vol. 48, no. 1-2, 2015, pp. 49–66., doi:10.4312/an.48.1- 2.49-66. Hasenfus, Stephanie. â€Å"Destroy or Be Destroyed: Contending with Toxic Social Structures in Naguib Mahfouz’s Midaq Alley.† The Oswald Review: An International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Criticism in the Discipline of English, vol. 15, no. 1, 1 Jan. 2015, pp. 95–108. The United States Military Academy, West Point, New York. Available at: MahÃŒ £fuÌ„z, NajiÌ„b. Midaq Alley. Translated by Trevor Li Gassick, The American University in Cairo Press, 1966. Oersen, Sheridene Barbara. â€Å"The representation of women in four of Naguib Mahfouzs realist novels: Palace walk, Palace of desire, Sugar street and Midaq alley.† The University of the Western Cape, The University of the Western Cape, 2006. S cott, Bede. â€Å"â€Å"A Raging Sirocco†: Structures of Dysphoric Feeling in Midaq Alley.† Journal of Arabic Literature, vol. 42, no. 1, Jan. 2011, pp. 29–48., doi:10.1163/157006411575792.

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Professionalism In The Health Field Essay - 692 Words

Professionalism is an adherence to a set of values comprising both a formally agreed-upon code of conduct and the informal expectations of colleagues, clients and society. The key values include acting in a patients interest, responsiveness to the health needs of society, maintaining the highest standards of excellence in the practice of medicine and in the generation and dissemination of knowledge. In addition to medical knowledge and skills, medical professionals should present psychosocial and humanistic qualities such as caring, empathy, humility and compassion, as well as social responsibility and sensitivity to peoples culture and beliefs. All these qualities are expected of members of highly trained professions. There are many†¦show more content†¦To be a person who is deemed professional you have to have a sense of leadership. Leadership in the healthcare field means you have to be willing to teach others. You help build and maintain a culture that facilitates professionalism. As a leader you do not participate in workplace pranks. Another important aspect of professionalism is honor and integrity. To have honor and integrity in the workplace you need to be forthcoming with information; and not hold important information for your own benefit. You can admit your own errors. You deal with confidential information discreetly and appropriately. One of the most important attributes regarding professionalism is respect. You have to respect institutional staff and all staff representatives. You have to respect patients rights and dignity and their privacy and confidentiality. A person who is professional has to have caring, compassionate and have communication. You treat the patient as an individual taking into account lifestyle, religious beliefs, and ethnicity. You communicate bad news with sincerity and compassion. You deal with sickness, death, and dying in a professional manner with the patient and the patient’s family members. Being a radiation therapist means you are a part of a multi disciplinary approach to curing cancer. Being part of a multi disciplinary approach means you have to have the professional aspect of teamwork. Teamwork is an intracle part of everyShow MoreRelatedProfessionalism Within The Health Care Field1375 Words   |  6 PagesThe lack of professionalism in the workplace is a problem in the health care field. This can be improved by incorporating workshops on professionalism within orientations and enforcing a code of ethics along with the proper protocol of working in healthcare. Although there is no exact definition for professionalism many would define this as a set of values or qualities that include behaviors and relationships that helps the person to trust their advisor. (Brown, 2013) Over the course of many doctors/Read MoreProfessional Issues Of A Medical Professional1246 Words   |  5 PagesChinwenwa Iheme Professional Issues A Medical professional is someone in the healthcare field. Medical Professionals are part of a team that delivers services related to human s or animal’s health. Examples of medical professionals are physicians; nurses; medical laboratory scientists, and dentists. As medical professional, you must attain a level of education and certification required for a particular medical profession. There are many medical professions; each requires some level of educationRead MoreSonographer-Patient Interactions in the Health Care Field Essay849 Words   |  4 PagesSonographer-Patient Interactions in the Health Care Field The profession of sonography has been around for over thirteen years; however, if one were to ask the average American what the occupation of a Sonographer entitled, there would likely be a wide-range of answers. When most individuals hear the word â€Å"Ultrasound† they will automatically pair this term with â€Å"pregnant women.† Very seldom would one put the profession of sonography with other aspects of Health Care such as Cardiac output, or LiverRead MoreProfessionalism: The Nursing Profession778 Words   |  3 PagesProfessionalism: The Nursing Profession Professionalism is something that is practiced on a daily basis by people in many different careers. Atsede Fantahun (2014) said, â€Å"professionalism is defined as the conceptualization of obligations, attributes, interactions, attitudes, and role behaviors required of professionals in relationship to individual clients and to society as a whole† (p. 2). A professional is expected to display competent and skillful behaviors in relationship with their professionRead MoreBusiness Management And Hospitality Industry1370 Words   |  6 Pageswith knowledge and skill in their field, but they also are also looking for a member who can be an effective team player and possess a good communication skill. Although, these skills were the basis of business management and hospitality industry, they have been increasingly required in health care industry and have become and important aspect for job seekers in healthcare. Importance of Professionalism, Communication and Collaboration i n Workplace Professionalism often gets interpreted as the knowledgeRead MoreThe Importance Of Professionalism Within The Nursing Field889 Words   |  4 Pages The purpose of this paper is aimed towards the importance of professionalism within the nursing field. Nursing professionalism should be demonstrated inside and outside of the work area, such as: the nurses’ appearance, during patient interactions, interaction with other health care providers, and anytime you are representing the health care facility. Being professional is not only expressed verbally but also non-verbally; your first impression or how you present yourself to your patient is importantRead MoreProfessionalism : Professionalism For Public Health1634 Words   |  7 PagesNowadays we can see professionalism presenting in every career. Professionalism is required to help companies or any working facilities easily solve their problems so that they can generate the best outcomes of their services. In the medical aspect, professionalism is importantly needed because this field has high responsibility for public health. Medical staff need to show their professionalism in order to avoid preventable accidents which can cause regretful losses. Their professional characteristicsRead MoreCoun 500 Personal Identity Paper1469 Words   |  6 Pagesof the professional counselor is to provide mental health services and substance abuse care to individuals, families, and groups (American Counseling Association, 2011). The professional counselor is trained to empower clients to achieve their â€Å"mental health, wellness, education, and career goals† (Neukrug, p. 5, 2014). There are many different fields in counseling such as social work, psychology, pastoral counseling, and psychiatry. All fields in counseling have similar goals to empower and supportRead MoreProfessionalism Is Necessary For Public Health1627 Words   |  7 PagesThese days we can see professionalism presented in every career. Professionalism is required to help companies or any working facilities easily solve their problems so that they can generate the best outcomes of their servi ces. In the medical aspect, professionalism is importantly needed because this field is highly responsible for public health. Medical staff need to show their professionalism in order to avoid preventable accidents which can cause regretful losses. Their professional characteristicsRead MoreProfessionalism And Health Care Practitioners938 Words   |  4 PagesProfessionalism in Dentistry â€Å"Profession† sometimes is seen as a similar thing to the â€Å"occupation†. However, these two terms have different definitions that are not interchangeable with one another. â€Å"Professionalism† in Grasekemper’s study (2011) defined as: â€Å"[a] collective of expert service providers who jointly and publicly committed to always give priority to the existential needs and interests of the public they serve above their own and who, in turn, are trusted by the public to do so† Generally