Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Performance Measurement Paper free essay sample

In the world of business there are many cliche’s about how performance measurements are implemented and what they actually do such as â€Å"if your company doesn’t measure results then you can’t tell success from failure. † http://www. balancedscorecard. org/Home/tabid/36/Default. aspx The key focus on strategic objectives should always articulate precisely what the organization wants to accomplish which is the key to finding accurate, true, strategic measurements. The strategic performance measures will allow the organization to monitor the implementation and effectiveness of the operational efficiency. The best performance measures will provide a way to monitor and see if that strategy is actually working. Focusing on the importance of the employee’s contribution to the success of the organization is another important measure that can be added along with providing a common language for the communication of everyone. Performance measurement is so vital in the structure of an organization because it is an ongoing and constant reporting and monitoring of accomplishments. We will write a custom essay sample on Performance Measurement Paper or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Typically the program is implemented by agency management. The different program activities are measured by this system as well. A program may be considered any project, activity, or function that has a set of objectives. The three types in which will be compared and contrasted begins with the output type of performance measures which indicates a specific workload that is processed throughout a period of time. The next type of performance type of selection is the efficiency type, which indicates the different ratio’s of the resources to work the product. The resources of this particular type are primarily considered budget dollars. The final performance measurement type that will be under contrast is the outcome type which tells the results over a period of time from work which was performed by the organization in order to benefit the people receiving the service. (EOM) or enterprise output management is a practice used in information technology dealing with the organization of data that is created for banking systems, insurance database systems, customer relationship management, as well as many others. Output distributed management is defined as middle ware that threatens to drive out the process originally supported in order to implement an auto mated one. EOM output managment could potentially reduce the cost of traditional printing because it uses digital output channel such as fax and email. The potential of this is depends on how the concept is adopted by the targeted customer group. Management information systems allow organizations to get right people the correct information at a timely and efficient manner. The efficiency type of performance management works by pulling together information. Therefore improving the products and expanding the customer base at the same time. A manger with a good management information system can eliminate redundant miscues that waste time and may instead focus on what actually works for the betterment of the organization. If an MIS is added into the equation then the amount of time saving that will benefit the organization will be tremendous because there is more time being focused on the specific task at hand. The computer program can collect data from employees much faster than the alternative time consuming method of not taking advantage of the technology. The over-all term performance management is defined as the output of employees and groups individually. The employees may be divided into groups and departments within the organization as a whole. Therefore the performances can be evaluated much more effectively by knowing what everyone’s production levels are and by gathering this information will definitely help to improve the quality of production in the organization which will lead to good things for everyone. In order for the performance management procedures to be put in place and do the job that they are needed to do there should be a performance definition done as soon as humanly possible because this knowledge will help drive the rest of the tasking in sequence for what needs to be done for the organization.

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