Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Why People Go Out And Commit Crimes - 1830 Words

It has always been a part of the American society for women to become wives, then mothers, and caretakers of her family’s needs before anything else. For a woman to venture out into the world was taboo and unheard of. Women that commit crimes was even an bigger monstrosity to think about. But trends have been changing rapidly in our culture than now makes it even more likely for women to go out and offend. Several theories have been created in an attempt to understand why people go out and commit crimes. If one were to study what would be considered a â€Å"mainstream† theory, they would find that they typically do not pertain to women offenders. Take heed, however, that feminist theories of criminology do exists, but the application of the†¦show more content†¦Then the circumference around the city is where the crime rate would lessen, meaning the further away one is from the center of the city, the less likely crime is to occur. The article by da Silva (2014) further explains that: Shaw and McKay affirmed that three structural factors—low socioeconomic status, ethnic heterogeneity, and residential mobility—disrupt a community s social organization, which in turn explains the spatial variations in the rates of crime and delinquency. Thus the community, treated as a small area in the interior of the urban space, became the unit of analysis of the environmental sociologist in the search for the causes of crime in large cities. When a city is of low socioeconomic status, the residents are likely faced with many stresses that can push them to commit crimes, like stealing clothes or food because they cannot afford to dress and feed their families. A high ethnic heterogeneity can be problematic and crime causing because people tend to get along with others that think and feel the same way they do, inciting lawbreaking. Residential mobility refers to the ability of the residents in a high crime area to move freely to commit deviant acts and a high rate of migration in and out of the city. With these three factors present in a community, it will be considered â€Å"disorganized,† and the conditions for illegal behavior would be perfect.

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