Friday, January 31, 2020

BHS 414 Cross-Cultural Health Perspectives Mod 4 SLP Essay

BHS 414 Cross-Cultural Health Perspectives Mod 4 SLP - Essay Example In the third dimension of the PEN 3 Model Nurtures are defined as â€Å"supportive and/or discouraging influences of families and friends including eating tradition, community and events, spirituality and soul, values of friends, marriage rules, expectations etc†. (Airhihenbuwa, 2004). There are several governmental and other organizational programs to improve practice of breast feeding in western countries. These programs provide free counseling and support to mothers promoting breastfeeding. In many developing countries paid maternity leave up to 6 months are allowed for female employees in both private and public sector. But western countries lack that kind of legislations. Therefore working mothers naturally tend to feed their child with bottle milk (Zareai, 2007). Free health care services are available in many developing countries. But many western countries do not have sufficient free health care facilities to support breastfeeding mothers to teach and practice correct methods of breastfeeding and overcome their problems (Zareai, 2007). Due to cultural perception breastfeeding in public places may be annoying for the western mothers. Therefore they may choose bottle feeding. However in many Asian countries breastfeeding in public places is a common practice and they really get the help of others. Barnes, J., Stein, A., Smith, T. and Pollock, J. I. (1997). Extreme attitudes to body shape, social and psychological factors and a reluctance to breast feed. Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine. 1997 October; 90(10): 551–559. Zareai, M.,   Maxine, L., OBrien,    Fallon, A.B. (2007). Creating a breastfeeding culture: a comparison of breastfeeding practises in Australia and Iran. Breastfeeding Review. retrieved from

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