Wednesday, February 12, 2020

PsyInfo Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

PsyInfo - Essay Example This entails applying social work ethical principles, applying critical thinking, accepting diversity and difference, advancing human rights and social and economic justice, and engaging in practice that is research-informed among other things. 3. The primary functions of the National Association of social Works include, advancing sound social policies, maintaining professional standards of practice and providing services that protect the members and their status as professional social workers. 4. Clinical social works have master's or doctorate degrees in social work with an emphasis on mental health services and clinical experiences. 5. The history of social work is intimately tied in with helping poor people. It is possible to say it some its formal origins as urban missions came together to help people during the early years of the Industrial Revolution and mass migration during the 19th century. Eventually professionals came together in New York City and in 1889 with Jane Addams and the Hull House in Chicago. Adams also created the settlement house movement that involved providing assistance to the poor. Ida M. Cannon developed and head a multi-disciplinary social work department at a Boston hospital that become influential.

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