Wednesday, October 9, 2019

A Systems Approach to the Exploration of Challenges of Online Distance Literature review - 2

A Systems Approach to the Exploration of Challenges of Online Distance Education in the context of Saudi Arabia - Literature review Example Reinforcing is the process by which the different components of a system are put into action. Balancing process makes sure that every component of a system is in equilibrium with each other. Feedback forms an integral part of the sytems thinking approach. For instance while analyzing a project on human resource; the management is considering increasing the number of employees in the organization, however past results show that increasing the number of workers has proven to be counterproductive. Therefore in such a scenario the firm must take into consideration feedbacks generated from past actions to analyse the current system (Checkland and Poulter, 2010). Sytems thinking was founded in the year 1956 by the MIT professor Jay Forrestor. Forrestor had recognized that there was a need of a better way of testing new ideas and aspects of the social system like in the manner how ideas are tested in engineering. In traditional forms of analysis, a system in broken up into different parts and then studied. In case of sytems thinking, a system’s parts are analysed on the basis of how they interact with each other in order to produce behaviour (Checkland and Winter, 2006). System thinking emphasizes upon the proper usage of input so that the desired results can be obtained. In case of analyzing a project as a system, the inputs are capital, labour, machines materials and time. The desired output can be in the form of services and products. The systems thinking approach induces the detailed analysis of each aspect of the action plan that is formulated to achieve the desired results. Therefore the management needs to consider the critical success factors and the impact of the external environment upon the operations. The systems theory brings stability in the operations of an organization which otherwise can be chaotic as the business environment, both internal and external are constantly changing. The systems approach also

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