Saturday, October 5, 2019

Marketing in the For and Not For Profit Sectors Essay

Marketing in the For and Not For Profit Sectors - Essay Example The essay "Marketing in the For and Not For Profit Sectors" talks about the marketing strategies of both for profit and not for profit organizations have been discussed extensively. All current theories have been examined and explained with relevant examples. In the case of for profit companies, the buyer behavior was discussed.With the companies who aim to make a profit the term marketing associates itself to advertising and sales promotions and is more misunderstood than understood. Marketing is much more than that. The need to project the qualities and benefits of a product, the comparison of one product with the competition and the value for money concept are all various angle of the one single objective of making a consumer or buyer aware of its existence and to convince him to buy it. Since marketing is the only tool available for promotion of the idea, service or product, various theories and methods have been adopted in different scenarios for these endeavors.There are many a pproaches to addressing such an understanding of business customers or consumers, but one proposed by Dibb and Simkin has been widely adopted across consumer, business and service markets. Their Buying Proforma forces managers to put the customer first and identifies exactly what the company must provide or offer. It also reveals the influences the company, in turn, must strive to influence and offers a framework against which to compare competitors’ moves and marketing programs.

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