Friday, October 18, 2019

Marketing Strategy Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4250 words

Marketing Strategy - Term Paper Example This will help the company in bringing together all the basics of marketing for the purpose of ensuring that the objective of the promotion; that is entering a new market of the new innovation is achieved. Introduction The first iMac was the earliest legacy-free PC. The original iMac was the first ever Macintosh computer not to have the FDD and to be fitted with a USB port. All the Macs have consequently fitted it. Through the USB port, we find that the makers of hardware could produce items that compatible with both the Macs and the x86. Initially, the users of Macintosh were forced to look for particular hardware, like the mice and keyboards that were specially designed for the ‘old world’ the exclusive ADB interface and modems together with printers with the LocalTalk ports of the Mac. Only a small number of the models from particular producers or companies came with these interfaces, and usually and often went at a premium price. Being cross-platform, we find that th e USB has enabled the users of Macintosh to choose from a large variety of devices that are promoted for Wintel PC platform, like storage devices, mice, canners, USB flash drives and hubs. As the USB was slower compared to many ports present at the time like the SCSI, iBooks, and the unmodified iMacs were seriously crippled until sufficient replacements like the USB 2.0 and FireWire were standardized. However, after iMac, the company continued removing the older floppy drives together with peripheral interfaces from its remaining product line (Carroll, 2011). Borrowing from the 20th Anniversary Macintosh of 1997, the different iMacs designs that are LCD-based maintained the all-in-one idea first envisaged in the original Macintosh computer of the company. Nevertheless, the successful iMac enabled the company to continue with its targeting of the Power Macintosh line at the market’s high-end. This prefigured the same concept in the notebook market when the iBook that looks lik e the iMac was launched in the year 1999. However, since then, Apple has maintained this concept of consumer differentiation against the professional product lines (Sculley, 2009). The focus of the company on design has enabled all of its consequent products to establish a distinct identity. The company avoided the use of the beige colors that were pervading the industry at that time. Apple would later shift from the multihued designs of the late 1990s and the early 2000s. However, the later part of the twenty first century’s first decade saw the company applying the anodized aluminum and black, white, and the clear polycarbonate plastics. Several PCs currently, are more design-conscious compared to the period before the introduction of the iMac, with the multi-shaded schemes of design being widespread, and some laptops together with desktops present in multicolored, and decorative or pretty patterns (Frank, 2010, p52). The campaign is to be carried out in the United States a nd in countries all over the world. The time frame for theses objectives to be achieved will be twenty four months. As the company works towards the introduction of upgraded and newer products, adjustments and refinements may need to be undertaken. However, the most important thing is maintaining consistency. Moreover, since both objectives are based on one another, the company should primarily focus on putting emphasis or stress on the extensibility message in attempting to speed understanding to the idea or concept of digital lifestyle

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